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Examining Conflict-Styles Approach in Slovak Small and Medium It Startups

Unmanageable conflicts significantly affect SMEs´ effectiveness. Employees who live in a high-tech environment of IT startups are usually forced to focus on getting jobs done rather than worrying about interpersonal relationships. The study thus examines conflict management styles used by Slovak IT startups´ managers and how the used styles are affected by gender and generation of the respondents. The research design utilizes a quantitative design. An online questionnaire survey was used during the October 2018 with the 160 usable responses. Results showed that integrating style followed by compromising style was most preferred. According to gender, statistically significant were the differences in using avoiding style (0.0255). According to generation, statistically significant were the differences in using integrating (0.0099) and dominating (0.0324) style. The results suggest that women were avoiding conflicts more than men and that managers with the falling age increasing their efforts for dominance and decreasing their endeavour to achieve an acceptable solution for everyone involved in the conflict. Keywords- Conflict Management Styles, IT Startup´s Managers, ROCI-II, Slovakia.