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Sensor Placement Optimization and Modeling for Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring large civil infrastructures often require multiple sensors at multiple locations. However, it is uneconomical to install sensors to cover the entire structure. Therefore, an optimal sensor placement scheme for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications is crucial. Many methods have been developed in the field of sensor placement optimization (SPO). However, most of these optimization approaches are deterministic with unspecified types and sources of uncertainty. In addition, a predefined number of discrete sensor configurations are required, in which the global optima is not guaranteed. In order to satisfy operational and geometrical constraints, there is a need to combine constraint satisfaction with heuristic search. To tackle this challenge, this research presents a new sensor placement methodology for damage detection in multistory buildings. In fact, the predicted optimal sensor locations provided an improved estimates of the quantity and location of damage. Also, the power of damage detection occurred in the benchmark structure using the proposed SPO methodology can be quantified. Index Terms- sensor placement optimization (SPO), structural health monitoring (SHM), multistory buildings, ASCE benchmark structure