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Investigation of Institutional Collaborations Among Stakeholders: Policy Implications for Effective Low-Income Housing Provision in Pakistan

Housing has evolved as critical constituent over the time in framing the socio-economic profile of all countries. Over the last three decades, provision of adequate and affordable shelter has evolved as a significant problem for state and local governments in most developing countries. Sustainable housing development can be rationalized with inducement of institutional collaboration among housing stakeholders to deliver affordable housing. Affordable housing thus calls for collaborative, multipronged and concerted effort from all stakeholders. Many countries such as Austria, France, USA, Cuba, Finland & India have succeeded in providing housing at affordable rates to low income groups through multi-stakeholder collaborations. However, the collaborative interaction among key players for low-income housing development is not in much practice in developing countries. It is necessary to guarantee adequate resources of education, housing, health, food and infrastructure for rapidly increasing populace. Due to lack of institutional collaborative framework among housing stakeholders and planning in isolation in case of Pakistan, issues of housing shortage and provision of adequate housing still persists in ugly form across the country. Therefore, it is important to understand the bottlenecks of effective low-income housing provision by understanding the stakeholder’s perspective. This paper is part of ongoing PhD study based on institutional framework of stakeholder collaborations in low-income housing development through institutional and stakeholder analysis by understanding and integrating viewpoints of different stakeholders involved in structure of low-income housing provision in Lahore, second largest city of Pakistan. It is call of the time to investigate the issue holistically and policy frameworks to address the concerns and conflicts of various stakeholders to meet the challenge of limited low-income housing for low-income groups. Keywords- low-income housing, institutional analysis, stakeholder analysis, collaborations, Pakistan