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Smartshed: An Automatic Shed System Based On Rain, Temperature And Light Intensity

In the era of technology, enormous amount of sensing devices and microprocessors are available. The combination of both can be used for automation of various applications. This paper aims to propose an Arduino based automatic shed system “SmartShed”, which depends upon three environmental factors: water, temperature and intensity of light. If any factor is sensed above a specific threshold the shed will automatically be applied otherwise it will be removed without human intervention. Three sensors: water sensor for rain detection, light dependent resistor (LDR) for measuring intensity of light and LM35 for measuring temperature are used. Arduino mega 2560 sense environment using sensors and depending upon sensed values applies or removes shed. The efficiency of this system is found to be approximately 95%. Index Terms - SmartShed, Arduino Mega 2560, LM 35, water sensor and LDR.