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The Role Of Innovative Technologies In Improvement Of Service Delivery

The challenges of innovative technologies at the modern stage of economic development puts on the agenda introduction of new products and services.In terms of increased competition, no matter how innovative technologies are, it is more important from the service buyer to choose product and service with more quality. Therefore, it is necessary to continually increase the quality of service delivery and promotion, which will help to achieve growth of competitive advantages of local and international markets. In this regard, it is important to assess the impact of modern technologies in banking. The introduction of banking innovations in Georgia allows Georgian banks to bring on markets new goods and services based on innovative technologies. The active introduction of internet payments, the spread of various types of plastic cards, the creation of inter banking databases on banking risks has significantly facilitated various types of settlements and relationships between the bank and the client.In order to maintain clients and strengthen their own market, credit institutions must take into account new types of service, conduct analysis of their activites and minimize their own expenses. Thus, improving banking services is a continuous linkage with the development of modern technologies that can automate and improve the business processes of services and customer support. The aim of the research is to study issues related to the development of innovative technologies for the improvement of service delivery and the ways of its perfection. Based on the practical significance of the study problem while performing the work, methods of systematic, historical and logical generalization of research have been used. Methods of scientific abstraction, analysis and synthesis are also used. Conclusions and results obtained from the research will help to improve the delivery of services in Georgia using innovative technologies that have a leading role in long-term economic growth. Implementation of innovative technologies ensures the implementation of the main directions of long-term economic and social development of countries. Index Terms - Innovative Technologies. Innovation. Financial support. Innovative infrastructure. Information Technology. Banking innovations