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Topic - The Impact of Rural Banking on Rural Farmers in Ghana: A Case Study of The Premier Rural Bank

This study examined the impact of rural banking on rural farmers in Ghana. The convenient sampling procedure was used to select thirty (30) farmers and four workers at the rural bank studied for the research. Regression analysis was the major statistical tool used to analyze the data collected from the rural bank using SPSS and Microsoft Excel software for the analysis. From the research, it was found out that the higher the interest rate, the lower the demand for loans. Though this did not depict in the secondary data collected from the Premier Rural Bank. In addition, high interest rates cripple infant farmers. That is, higher interest rates tend to have an adverse effect on the development or growth of the farmers or businesses in Ghana since they depend very much on availability and accessibility to funds at reasonable or favourable rates. Lack of credit education and collateral poses a problem to the farmer. Key Words- Rural Banking, Farmers, Interest rates Regression Analysis