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Study Habits And The Performance Of BSCS Students In Computer Programming-1

This study aimed to seek whether the study habits of the students affect the performance of the students in Computer Programming I. Specifically, it determined the profile of the students as to their IQ and performance in computer programming-1; the level of strengths and weaknesses of the studentís study habits as to the time management, study environment, test taking as well as in note taking, reading, writing and math skills; and lastly the relationship between study habits and performance of the students in computer programming-1. Descriptive survey research design was employed in this study where questionnaire was the main instrument to gather data. Respondents consisted of 85freshmen students in the Ladderized education program which was obtained with the use of the Cochranís formula. The study found out: IQ and final grade are extremes as reflected in the standard deviation. Also, the respondents 65.9 % or 56 are female while the remaining 34.1% or 29are male. Students responded that they need help on the different criteria on the student habits except the criteria time management. Finally, the study showed that only mathematics skill is correlated positively and significantly to the performance of students. Index Terms- Computer Programming-1, Computer Science/Information Technology, Study Habits, DMMMSU-SLUC, Agoo, La Union Philippines