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Optimization Transportation Model Which Is Suitable Of Agricultural Products In Thailand Case Study Of Hygienic Agricultural Products

Thailand is one of the most important agricultural countries in the world. It grows rice, rubber trees, cassavas, sugarcanes, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Most agricultural products in Thailand are transported to Talaad Thai, a large fruit and vegetable wholesale market. This research studied about hygiene agricultural product focusing on lemongrass as it has the largest amount of cultivation. Lemongrass is produced mainly in northern, central and eastern parts of Thailand which are far from the destination, and therefore, transportation costs are quite high; the costs are THB 583,308.75 per year. This research has designed proposed a new transportation pattern by adjusting types of transportation truck and adding goods consolidation points using four step model and applying Center of Gravity technique in order to lower transportation costs for farmers. The results of study show that transporting by 6-wheel truck with milk run technique would provide the lowest transportation costs. The cost becomes THB 196,324.17 per year. Moreover, adding consolidation points in Sukhothai and Phrae provinces by having pickup trucks carried the products from agricultural resources to consolidation location, then shipped by 6-wheel trucks to the destination, Talaad Thai, would make cost become THB 617,283.58 per year and 474,642.57 per year respectively. Keywords- Transportation Cost, Four Step Model, Center of Gravity, Consolidate, Milk Ran