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Experiential Learning of Mathematics for Big Data Analytics

With the recent advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resulting in Industry 4.0 ,there is a major requirement for reskilling and upskilling the ICT workforce. Today, the buzz word in industry is‘BigData’ and thereis a need tofill the skill shortageinBig Data analytics. In this context, learning the basic skills of combining computer and mathematics capabilities is warranted in the workforce.Studies conducted internationally and by theAustralian Industry Group show the requirement for improvingnumeracy skills at workplace. In order to cater to this, the higher education curriculum requires reform. This paper takes a modest step to address this issue by introducing a renewed subject in an ICT higher education curriculum to upliftmathematics skills using innovative practices. We presentthe use of innovative methods such as experiential learning and assessments in a higher education program for developing the mathematical skills required for Big Data analytics. The results of such an improvised curriculum showa positive impactin student learning and development of numeracy skills required in this digital age. Index Terms - Employability, Mathematics Skills, Big Data Analytics, Higher Education, Curriculum, Experiential Learning.