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Witch Hunting: A Superstitious Assault on Humanity

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः । यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः ॥ The divine are extremely happy where women are respected; Where they are not, all actions (projects) are fruitless. The states of North-East including Assam have been practicing “Tantric” rituals since time immemorial. The lands have suffered certain “extremistic” rituals in the form of Witchcraft. Innumerable cases of deaths and causalities have been recorded both officially as well as through unofficial records. Non-Governmental Organisations, social institutions and various projects studied the growth of witchcraft as a ritual and hunting as a means to fulfil certain hidden agendas of the accused. The paper shall attempt to analyse the growth and development of it and alongwith make a reasonable trial to focus on the nexus between practitioner of craft and saviour from such offences. The paper shall attempt to study various human right violations arising out from different heads of governance and social failures. It shall also at its conclusion, thrive to provide grounds of suggestions as per prescribed municipal legislations and international guidelines towards minimisation and bringing an absolute end to such practices. Keywords - Tantric, Extremistic, Rituals, Witchcraft, Human Right violations