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Comparison Between Spatial And Polarization Diversity Techniques In2x1 Mimo Antenna For Vehicular Communication

In recent times, the use of wireless communications and especially vehicular communication networks has been growing. This networks that use the IEEE 802.11p standard have a greater capacity for data transport as well as a higher communication speed. To achieve these requirements, MIMO systems present a satisfactoryresolution. This paper proposes the design of hexagonal ring 2x1 MIMO antenna to operate within the full range of 75MHz DSRC band with the center frequency at 5.9GHz. In this work, MIMO antenna designs that focus on spatial andpolarization diversity, and its impact on performance. The use ofring reduces the overall area of the patch considerably at 5.9GHz.Thestructures were simulated in free space (S-parameter, radiation diagrams, correlation coefficient).The simulations were carried out based on the FEKO software environments. According to the simulation results, the proposed hexagonal ring MIMO antenna could be utilized in vehicular communication network. Keywords - Vehicular Communication Network, Hexagonal Ring MIMO Antenna, DSRC Band, Spatial Diversity, Polarization Diversity,FEKO