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Considering The Dynamic Control Of Snake Robot And Its Stabilization With Constraint Error

The paper presents the dynamic control of snake robot and its stabilization with constraint error. In this study, there have been two portions for the analyses, the first portion is to consider the dynamic modelling of two link snake robot body and the second one is to check the stability based on the constraint error of the motion of two links and above. The simulation results for Projection onto Feasible Motion Space, Projection onto Constrained Force Space without Constraint Stabilization and Projection onto Constrained Force Space with Constraint Stabilization have been developed based on the X and Y-constraint Violation. The theoretical results say that the stability of snake robot with separated links could be enhanced based on the dynamic control of segmented movements. The simulation results could be carried out by using the MATLAB Language and dynamic body consideration technique. Keywords - Dynamic Control, Snake Robot, Stabilization, Constraint Error, Dynamic Link Modelling