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Exploring The Role Of Strategy And Values On Civil Service Transformation (A Case Of Central Public Authorities Of Kazakhstan)

Civil service is a state-funded service in a field of public administration, aimed at contributing to a public good. In addition to stable wages, the main motivation factors that determine a decision to work in a civil service are a desire to contribute to public policy formulation and commitment to public interest. Work in civil service and private sector is fundamentally different in terms of internal motivation of a person: to serve the people - in the first case, and a pursuit of private interests in the second case. Due to bureaucracy, workloads and other aspects, a majority of Central Agencies in Kazakhstan are least think about correct and meaningful formulation, as well as quality implementation of their key strategy and mission. One of the main evidence of thisis Kazakhstani Government resignation onFebruary 21, 2019,and after four days approval of new Cabinet of ministers. From a theoretical perspective, content analysis and case studies, the paper aims to contribute in responding to different calls for research and to explore the role of value and strategy to improvement of state apparatus effectiveness. Index Terms: public value, citizen centric, strategy, civil service, Kazakhstan.