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A Development Of Logistics Infrastructure To Support Asean Economic Community: Case Study Of Transportation Of Trade Across Border At Sadao Customs

The proposal of ways development for logistics infrastructure to support the opening of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): case study of transportation of trade across border at Sadao customs, Songkla province of Thailand. The purposes of this research are to analyze and find the bottleneck of the road networks on the goods transportation’s routes to the trade across border at Sadao customs, Songkla province, and to design the number of the appropriate traffic lanes to increase the potentials of the road networks, and support the opening of the AEC in the future. This project is determined the scopes of studied road networks preferred only the routes used to transport the highest export values of goods through Sadao customs, Songkla, which is, the rubber. The total 28 road routes networks must be considered, equivalent to 565.143 kilometers total distance. When considered from the service level standard of the road routes which will help all traffics in the networks are effective, which should be at the B-Level of the main routes of highway as considered by the geographical features in the plain areas (country road), and should be at the C-Level of the highway main road of the city road and outskirt road, therefore it should extend the routes of Pattalung – Nanode, Pattalung province, from 4 traffic lanes to be 8 traffic lanes, and the routes of Nernpichai – Klong Wa, Songkla province, from 4 traffic lanes to be 8 traffic lanes, which will make the service level of such routes reach A-Level, which is, the traffic conditions flow independently without being disturbed from other factors, and the drivers will remain highly free to control the cars. Keywords- Traffic Analysis and Design, Traffic Lane, Volume Capacity Ratio, Bottleneck