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Type of Players Versus Quality Factor, An Analysis of Quality Model for Mobile Games Application

Mobile devices evolution was affect to increasing number of mobile device users, also mobile games players.A mobile game is considered attractive if the player believes that the game is indeed interesting to play. That statement seems to make the quality value of a mobile game strongly influenced by the subjectivity of the player's assessment during the period of quality measurement. Although it has been proved that measuring quality by using Quality Model for Mobile Games, but it always had some less optimal values in one of quality factors between Usability, Flexibility andSafety. From the previous research, the quality measurement result shows that the quality value is depend on the player’s perspective. And it more likely diferent type of players will give various results for the same mobile game applications. So in this research,will shows the proof that type of mobile game players may affect the mobile game quality value with their quality factors. To do this, the quality model will be tested on various types of organized players, starts from various ages, occupations, social status, gender, and physical accessibility. Then the result data can help the mobile game developer to maximize their design to make good quality mobile game with specific target players. Keywords - Software Quality, Quality Model,Mobile Games, Game Players.