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Parametric And Stress Analysis Of Dental Implant-Abutment Retained Overdenture Components And Parametric Evaluation Of Equator® And Locator® Prosthodontics Attachments

Objective of this investigation is to analyze the mechanical features of two different prosthetic retention devices. By applying engineering tools like FEM and Von Mises analyses, it has been investigated how the dental implant material hold out against the masticatory strength during the chewing cycles. Two common dental implant overdenture retention systems have been involved in this study. The Equator® attachment system and the Locator® arrangement have been processed by FEM Ansys® Workbench. The elastic features of the materials used in the study have been taken from recent literature data. Results revealed different response for both type of device. Both systems guarantee perfect fit over axial load; however, the different design and shape should customize the use of each one for typical clinical condition of applying overdenture systems over dental implants. The data of this virtual model showed different features and mechanical behaviors of overdenture prosthodontics attachments. A three-dimensional system involved fixture, abutment and passant screws of two different dental implants has been created and analyzed. Clinicians should find the better prosthetic balance in order to better distribute the stress over the component and to guarantee the patients clinical long-term results. Keywords - Overdenture attachments; Implant Abutment connections; Stress Distribution; FEM.