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Music Computer Technologies In Digital Age School

The number, the letter, the music note -- this is the very foundation of the world of words, numbers and sounds.The development of music computer technologies in the late 20th – early 21st century has significantly expanded the ways to look at the music note as a unity of a pitch, a symbol and duration of both in real time. Uniting these elements and empowering the beginners with the essential opportunity to become musically literate, we form in them complete, creative minds. By seeing and perceiving the harmony and interrelations of all the elements of music, we give music notation a new meaning and new mission. The global applicability of the music computer technologies (MCT) provides new, in fact, limitless possibilities of self-realization, stimulates the rapid development of intelligence, raising training to a new level. Compatibility with traditional musical technology creates conditions for the continuity of musical eras and styles, their interpenetration and synthesis, reinforcing the interest in musical culture in general. The authors of the article analyze the problems concerning the current significance of contemporary musical notation, and, in particular, the ones being formed by the development of high-tech information environment, as well as the ways to solve some problems of learning music on the basis of computer technologies using the Soft Way to Mozart system. Keywords - Interactive network systems, keyboard electronic synthesizer, music computer technologies, musical education, music note, Grand Staff as a system