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Investigation of Radiological Hazard Index Due Togamma Radiationin Soil Samples at Some Location of Rasafa Side, Baghdad

Irradiation of the human body from external sources is mainly by gamma radiation from radionuclides in the Uranium-238 and Thorium-232 series and from Potosium-40. In this study, natural radioactivity were measured in the soil samples for some location in Rasafa side of Baghdad governorate. The study was carried out using gamma-ray spectroscopy with NaI(Tl)"3×3" detector. Also, ten radiological hazard parameters which include:(Radium Equivalent Activity(Raeq),Absorbed Gamma Dose Rate (Dγ), external hazard index(Hext), internal hazard index(Hint), Representativegamma index (Iγr),Annual effective dose equivalent (AEDE) which include indoor and outdoor effective dose rate, and ELCR ) were calculated. The results showed that the mean of specific activity of 238U, 232T,40K and 235U in samples of present study were 11.27±1.10Bq/m^3, 7.36±0.49Bq/kg, 365.34±48.16and 0.52±0.05Bq/m^3respectively. The results were obtained from this study within the international limits that’s mean there is no risk of lung cancer threatening peoples of these area under study. Keyword - Natural radioactivity, gamma ray, Soil and Baghdad Governorate.