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Non Contrast Computed Tomography Scan Image Analyzer for Kidney, Ureter And Bladder

The study covers the development of a software application using Matlab that can read and compute the size of the urinary tract stones found in kidney, ureter and bladder from the CT scan image and interpret its severity. The study utilizes the different image processing techniques like binarization, image contrast application, thresholding and image segmentation in detecting and locating the stone. The DICOM standard formula was used to generate the estimated size of the stone. Based from the size, the software will categorize the urinary tract stone into small, medium or large stone. The result will be interpreted by its severity and the software will suggest the course of action to address the case. Based from the accuracy test, the software application was able to detect, locate and compute the size of the urinary tract stone found in non-contrast CT scan images with percent accuracy of 93.29%. Keywords - Image Processing, Urinary Tract Stone, MATLAB, DICOM, CT Scan, Thresholding.