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Prevention of Internet Protocol Spoofing

The main purpose of writing this paper is to find solutions to detection and prevention spoofing in the internet protocol address (IP). Spoofing, in practical, indicates impersonating another machine or person, regularly by giving false information (IP address, URL or E-mail name). Spoofing can take several patterns in the computer, all of which include some sort false description of information. There are a diversity of approaches and kinds of spoofing. I would like to introduce and explain IP spoofing attacks in this paper. There are no constructive or legal practices for achieving spoofing of any type. Some of the results might be vindication, theft, sport, or another malicious goal. The magnitude of these crimes can be very critical; can cost us millions of dollars. This Paper will describes the detection and prevention of IP spoofing attack. Index Terms - Spoofing, Filtering, Attacks, Information