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The Study Characteristics of the Service of Food Crews on the Satisfaction of Consumers on the Thai Airways International

The objective of this study was to the characteristics of the service of food crews on the satisfaction of consumers on the Thai Airways International. A sample was selected from Thai Passengers who have used the service of the airline cases were included as a sample a total of 400 participants (Convenience Sampling). The researcher collected data from the research questionnaire as a research tool. The samples used in this study were The statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and statistic used in the test. The Pearson correlation coefficient was used to test the hypothesis. The findings indicated that Most respondents were female under 25 years of age, single status, undergraduate degree Occupation student Monthly income is less than 15000 baht is domiciled in the Central. And the characteristics of the service of food crews that most get equal of food service and length of service is appropriate and get to provides fast service of food, Sometime. Passengers don’t faced problems about Insufficient food. A total Respondents are indifferent to Development the quality of employees. But Development the quality of food needs Improvement. The results of the hypothesis test showed that Marketing factors in Product, price promotion, person, physical, Process, relationship with consumers' choice of food type on THAI and marketing channel. Relative to passenger's choice of food type on Thai Airways, and the service characteristics of the crew did not correlate with passengers' choice of Thai food type. Keywords - Thai Airways, the characteristics of the service of crews, Food on machine