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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Issues And Challenges

MOOC, a term used to describe course offered fully online where user can obtain graduation certificate upon user’s completion of that particular course which offers an edge of education that has never been thought possible decades ago. For educators, the current pattern of change pressures and emerging trends represent an exciting opportunity. This exciting opportunity revolves around setting a framework of learner-driven pedagogy, extending knowledge to and from global classrooms and increasing access to learning. Yet, for the learner, it’s time to move as technology changes. In this paper, beginning with the definition and a brief history of MOOCs, this paper examines it from various dimensions: pedagogical, technological implementations and challengesin digital era. Therefore, a literature reviews on MOOCs characteristics, timeline of its development and a blend of practical issues with the experiences of well-known MOOCs providers are presented. Keywords - MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses, higher education.