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Duriboard: Synthesis and Acoustic Properties of Durian (Duriozibethinus) Peel-Based Sound Damping Fiberboard

Sound damping material is an emerging in-demand product that is used to control noise pollution. This study aimed to produce a sound damping fiberboard made from ground durian peel that is efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly which serves as an alternative to commercial sound damping materials. Thirty (30) grams of ground durian peeling was mixed in a 150-ml 50% sodium silicate-water solution. The mixture was sun dried for three (3) days. Two (2) experimental samples and one (1) control setup were prepared to identify the difference of sound reduction in high and low frequencies. Results revealed that DuriBoard was more effective against the commonly used sound damping material which is egg carton under low frequency with a decibel drop difference averaging at 14 dB with a significant difference established between them; furthermore, statistics also revealed a significant difference between their pores’ diameter with the DuriBoard having a median pore diameter of 147 µm against 43.7 µm of that of the egg carton resulting to the better performance of the former. The Sound Damping Test was done at Biochemistry Laboratory of Caraga Regional Science High School and the Pore Diameter Test was done at the Ateneo de Davao University Chemistry Analytical and Research Laboratory. Based on the results, it can be deduced that DuriBoard works the same as the egg carton under high frequency and works better under low frequency. Index Terms - Decibel drop, durian, DuriBoard, fiberboard, pore diameter, sound absorb, sound damping,