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The Role of Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management Systems

In the past, analysts generally were tasked with extracting useful information from recorded data manually. But since this manual data analysis is very expensive and the data volume and integrity are increasing day by day moving from straight-line analysis to the automatic indirect ones, utilizing of Computer methods such as data mining is an inevitable option to cope with the complexity of the problem. Data mining refers to the extraction and analysis of large amount of data in order to extract data patterns, increase their core value and transfer data and knowledge. Nowadays, future companies, which prioritize their system in the terms of customer relationship, benefit from data mining approaches to recognize all customers and their needs which in turn, helps to have a better understating of their priorities and consequently to establish a strong relationship with them. Such a relationship with customers increases the competing capabilities of companies in the market. Data mining makes it possible to determine the value of customers, predict their future behavior and make informed decisions in this regard. This study was conducted in a systematic and exhaustive way to consider that to what extent companies have been using the data mining approaches in their business in the recent years. Results showed the tendency to use data mining techniques in customer relationship management systems, marketing and attracting customers and increasing customer loyalty has increased. Keywords - Data Mining, Customer Orientation, Customer Relationship Management, Clustering