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Field And Storage Fungi Diseases Of Yam (Discoreaspp.L.Wap) In Major Producing Areas Within Nigeria

Studies on field and storage fungi diseases of yam was carried out in major producing areas within Nigeria from 2014 -2017. Diseased vines and leaves of plants were determined using disease symptoms. Rot incidence and severity of disease on the various parts was done by disease index and severity score ratings. Pathogens associated with various diseases were identified by culture, isolation and microscopy. Statistical analysis was carried out using student’s t test. Yellowing of leaves, dark stems and necrotic lesions were common symptoms identified. Incidence of disease on Discorearotundata ranged from 33.58% - 41.75% and Discoreaalata from 43.33% - 47.08% while disease severity reported 1 (1-25%) on the disease severity scale. Colletotrichumgloesporides, Neurosporaspp, Aspergillusoxysporum, Rhizoctoniasolaniand Butryodiplodiatheobromaewere organisms identified on stored tubers. Rot organisms are key in field and storage fungal diseases of yam in major producing areas within Nigeria. Keywords - Field, storage, fungal, disease and yam.