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Equality In Elections Vs. Gender Quotation

The principle of equality in elections is one of the forms of political equality of citizens, guarantees of which are equal votes, equal election powers and equal opportunities.One of the main issues related to equality in elections is the representation mandated of women provided by the legislation of various countries.Gender quotas can be divided into three categories: reserved seats, candidates in the electoral lists, voluntary quotas by political parties. Gender quotation has supporters and opponents. The main argument of the supporters is the fact that this is the only effective way to increase women's participation in politics, which in turn implies the achievement of actual equality. The main basis of criticism is the right to equality before the law and issue of positive discrimination, which in the particular case put them in the best position. They also think that representatives of the Parliament should be elected not by gender but by their qualification. The paper deals with the practice of different countries, in particular Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Austria. Based on the analysis of the current practice and research studies of international organizations, authors makes own conclusions and gives recommendations regarding the solution ways of presented issue according to the reality of Georgia. Key words - Elections, Equality, Gender Quotation