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Impact Of The EU Association Agreement On Labor Rights (Case Of Georgia)

During the last decade Georgia has been in a transition from post-soviet regime to modern European country. Within this process, the labor rights constitute a cornerstone of development and sustainable economic growth of the state. Paper researches this process in the light of recently signed association agreement with the European Union and the derived responsibilities in this field. The Aim of the research is to understand the impact of Association Agreement with EU on internal labor regulations of Georgia and compare the challenges faced by neighboring countries in the similar processes, with particular attention to labor rights. On the other hand, I would like to share unique Georgian experience in the subject issue, taking into consideration our geographical and cultural uniqueness. Since Georgia is on the border of Europe and Asia and the fact that multinational population of both of these cultural identities are mixed in this country is creating a unique social blend. As a process of implementation of the Association Agreement Georgia has ratified several International Acts of International Labor Organisation. All of the above play a major role in sustainable development and economic growth of the country. Keywords - Labor Rights, Association Agreement, Human Rights, Employee Rights, Sustainable Development.