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Suitability Analysis Of Urban Neighborhood Parks Using GIS Techniques

It is the process to determine whether the land resource is suitable for some specific uses and to determine the suitability level. The case study area is the district located at the eastern part of Tabriz city, which is district 2 of 9 districts of Tabriz city. This Study area occupies an area of about 3148 hectares in Tabriz city. This paper uses GIS and tools in assessing the suitability of Neighborhood parks of city of Tabriz in east Azerbaijan in Iran. The first objective of this paper is study of Neighboring, Compatibility, accessibility and other physical factors effective in suitability of Neighborhood parks of study area, the second objective is evaluating of parks Distribution in study area and The third is study of social factors that effective in suitability of Neighborhood parks. In result, the studies suggest that 36/4 percent of Neighborhood parks of study area are completely compatible with adjacent land uses, also study of suitability of Neighborhood parks suggest that 46/6 percent of these parks are in high suitability status, 27/3 percent are in moderate and 9/1 percent are in low suitability situation. Keywords- Suitability, Geographical Information System (GIS), Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA), Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Tabriz City, Neighborhood Park.