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Exploring Thai University Students’ Collocations Competence

Collocations can play an important role in English language learning. Collocations are essential for English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners because they can help them to communicate effectively. The current study investigated the ability of 263 second-year English major students at Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus to use and produce appropriate collocations in different contexts at both receptive and productive levels in the academic year 2018. The instruments used in this research were collocation tests and a questionnaire. Students needed to complete the two collocation tests without using a dictionary. The findings revealed that the majority of the subjects got higher scores on the collocation test at the receptive level than the collocation test at the productive level. Factors affecting English receptive and productive collocations were limited knowledge of collocations and direct translation from L1-L2. Index Terms - Collocations, EFL learners, receptive level, productive level