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The Impact of Brand Exeprience, Brand Trust, Brand Satisfaction on Brand Loyalty in Cigarette Industry in Indonesia

The cigarette industry is known to be one of the most heavily regulated industry in Indonesia, while it is also a well-known fact that most of the manufacturers are investing in engagement activities to build a loyal base of consumers, the need to understand whether the brand experience is indeed impacting the brand trust and satisfaction need to be further studied. Through this study the author attempts to study whether the consumer who are engaged in such brand experience (BE), has indeed impacted the brand Brand satisfaction (BS), which would also create brand trust (BT), and invoke brand loyalty (BL). This is answered through an empirical study to approximately 100 respondents in Indonesia, through the spreading of structured questionnaire with a mix of online and face to face interviews. The result showed that the brand experience has indeed impacted the brand satisfaction and trust, and invoked brand loyalty in the process.This study tries to give a general impression for cigarette industry marketers in answering their dilemma on the merit of brand experience. Keywords - Marketing, Cigarette, Brand Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty, Brand Experience