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English Phrasal Verbs from a Movie: Meanings

The research aims to 1) to survey the meaning of phrasal verbs from the movie script – Titanic 2) study the meaning of phrasal verbs in terms of semantic mind mapping. The research methods were 1) Study the movie script. 2) Determine the data format. 3) Classify all verbs into Form no. 1 Verbs from the movie script “Titanic”. 4) Classify phrasal verbs into Form no.2 Phrasal verbs from the movie script “Titanic”. 5) Analyze the data with the phrasal verb structures to map the phrasal verb with vocabulary mind mapping. 6. Select the top three of phrasal frequency to discuss. 7. Conclude; summarize and report the results. The results showed that 1) there were varieties of phrasal verb forms for each head phrasal verb in the movie script “Titanic”. For this research; come, go, look and get are shown in terms of mind mapping that were selected ones. Index Terms - English Phrasal Verb, Film Script-Titanic, Meaning, Mind Mapping