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The Error of English Pronunciation “- ed final consonant in Secondary School: A Case Study in Takuktaisuksa School, Suratthani, Thailand

This research study to investigate the type of errors in the ed final consonant pronunciation in the past form of verb. The researcher designed the test to be the instrument to collect the data. The 30 students in M.2 level of Takuktaisuksa School, Suratthani were collected the sound to analyze their pronunciation. The result showed that there are four types in the errors of them such as pronouncing by adding the syllable by changing the final consonant or filled another sound to be the initial consonant of the new syllable before “ed”, pronouncing by deleting the ed final consonant sound , the sound was replaced by another sound, and pronouncing the sound was replaced by the cluster sound. Moreover, the researcher analyzes that the most Thai student English pronunciation style always pronounced with Thai pronunciation. Because this style is not difficult to pronounce such as Thai final consonants are always unaspirated and unvoiced so it is difficult for Thai students to pronounce aspirated /p/ and /k/.