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Enhancing Communicative Competence of English Major Undergraduate Students: Based on an Instructional Strategy

This study investigated the effectiveness of instructional strategy in enhancing communicative competence of forty undergraduate students in Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University. The instructional strategies were divided into four modes: Storytelling, Arguments and Formal/Informal Debates, Ask open – ended questions, and Role play. In carrying out the study, a five-minute oral semi-direct tape test (OSTT) was then developed and administered. The test consisted of 5 short information questions and 10 social situations to which the participant was requested to respond. Performance and Paralinguistic Elements Assessment Scheme (PPEAC) was made, to assess the communicative competence. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was utilized to determine significant differences among the four instructional strategies. The results showed that degree association between the overall ratings on the taped test and the overall ratings on the interview test was significant, though not significant for individual criteria. Further, ANOVA results revealed significant differences among the four competence-teaching modes. Discussions and pedagogical implications are provided in the paper. Index Terms - Communicative Competence, EFL Classroom, Instruction, Linguistics