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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity with Applications

In today’s world the pace of adoption of the secure network is a huge demand where the technology has become so far with the immense advancement in the field of Internet of things, cloud computing, huge amount of data is formed and collected. The organisation being more connected than ever is leading to heavy traffic, increase in security attacks vendors, breaches in security and multiple types of threats. Cyber experts are continuously working to prevent this security attacks and security breaches, but this are becoming more difficult for humans to handle alone. The solution to this problem is using artificial intelligence techniques to act as force multipliers by augmenting the cyber security targeting few areas where AI can deliver the greatest evolution using such as Triaging, Threat Hunting, Incident Analysis/Investigation, Threat Anticipation, and Incident Response. This paper presents an abrupt survey of cyber security capabilities by describing the AI-Based technologies such as Machine learning, Expert system, Neural Nets, big data analysis Intelligent agents, Constraint tackling, and analyse the views of improving the cyber security capabilities by describing the AI real world application and the conclusion Keywords- Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, cyber-crimes, cyber-attacks, expert system, Neural nets.