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“Cheers”: Understanding Brazilian Sparkling Wines Consumer Behavior

In the last 10 years, the commercialization of sparkling wines has grown significantly in Brazil, demonstrating the importance of this product to the national economy. Therefore, understanding the consumer behaviour of sparkling wines is extremely important for the development of this market in the country. The primary objective of this research is to analyze the consumer behaviour of sparkling wines in Brazil. In order to obtain the results, this study was developed in two stages. In the qualitative stage, we carried out 17 in-depth interviews with consumers of the product of different age groups, sexes and economic profiles of the state of Rio Grande do Sul (largest producer of sparkling wines in the country). In the quantitative stage, we applied a questionnaire to a sample of 5700 Brazilians with the objective of describing in detail the preference of consumers for the product and how that consumption worked throughout the country. Keywords- Sparkling, Consumer Behavior, Marketing.