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Consumer Behavior In Instagram Stories

Social media represent today an almost indispensable management tool. In addition to many businesses arising in this online environment, it has become very effective to use social media as communication for consolidated businesses. In this sense, Instagram is one of the most used social media and has become a reference among them. When this platform implemented the Stories tool, which allows users to publish photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours, its receptivity was very satisfactory, and shortly afterwards companies started using it for ads. Recently (2019), Instagram announced that there are currently 500 million users per day in Stories. From this scenario, the following research problem arose: what are the characteristics of consumer behaviour in Instagram Stories? The objectives of this study were, therefore, to analyze and understand the relationship between consumers and brands in Instagram Stories, and to analyze if the strategies used by brands are successful. We conducted interviews with users of the platform to understand how their activities on Stories and their relationship with companies. We also observed and analyzed some profiles in Instagram and Stories in order to understand their strategies, and interviewed some professionals who use the platform as a communication tool. The results show that Instagram Stories can be very efficient to establish a relationship between brands and consumers and that companies which already using the Stories in their marketing strategies have positive outcomes. Keywords- Instagram Stories, Social Media, Consumer Behaviour, Business