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Sparkling Wines Consumer Behavior in Brazil

There is little empirical research on the behaviour of wine consumers in Brazil. Studies focusing on the market for sparkling wines, in particular, are even scarcer. In order to solve this literature gap, this study investigated the consumption of sparkling wines by Brazilians through a qualitative and cross-sectional approach comprising 17 in-depth interviews with people of different groups and economic profiles. The analysis of the information search patterns for the decisional process of consumers showed, for instance, a relationship between buying behaviour, the decision to attend wine courses and events, the influence of acquaintances and the attention to the information present in the labels. In particular for domestic sparkling wines, we noted that excellent quality and a good cost/benefit ratio are the main factors driving purchase. The results lead to the conclusion that national wine companies need more significant investments in marketing, while also providing more affordable prices. Besides, companies should invest in marketing campaigns and advertisements specifically targeting the behaviour and profiles of consumers of sparkling wines of the Brazilian population. Keywords - Sparkling Wines, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing.