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Temperature Influence on Fuel Flow Through Injector Efij-1-38

There are many parts of the propulsion system that affect the fuel consumption of internal combustion engines. The injector is one of the most dominant. Its working condition is responsible for the given fuel doses and in consequence it affects largely on fuel combustion. This is very important aspect for students who build the most economical internal combustion vehicle in Poland that competes in Shell Eco-marathon. The main goal of the competition is to construct a vehicle that will achieve the lowest fuel consumption on the appointed track. The good results in competition are being gained by reducing the resistance (it is created when the vehicle is moving) or by leading to the highest efficiency parameters of the drive system. The organizers of Shell Eco-marathon distinguished some categories of vehicles because of energy type, among others: electricity, hydrogen as well as ethanol or gasoline. EFIJ-1-38 is the designation of the injector used in gasoline-powered vehicle which was built by students of Lodz University of Technology. This article contains studies on the effect of gasoline temperature on the fuel doses given by the EFIJ-1-38 injector. Keywords - fuel flow, injector, temperature, gasoline engines, Shell Eco-Marathon, car, efficient car