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To The Question of Technologies of Oral Interaction in Teaching Spanish Language As Foreign

The problem under study is quite topical due to the fact that in modern methods of teaching a foreign language there has been a tendency to switch from a communicative approach to its variety - an interactive approach. Interactive methods are focused on a wider interaction of students not only with the teacher, but also with each other, as well as on increasing students’ activity in the learning process. The essence of interactive learning is to teach creatively to use the language through the interaction of people with different levels of language training and cognitive activity by overcoming the “cognitive conflict” in solving speech problems. The purpose of this article is to identify the most effective student-oriented technologies that provide students’ self-expression as a language personality in the process of mastering a foreign language. The article identifies and substantiates the basic principles and technologies of interactive learning, based on the use of various methodological strategies and techniques for modeling situations of real communication and organizing students' interaction with the goal of solving joint communication tasks. The materials of the article can be useful for organizing the educational process, built on interactive forms of teaching a foreign language. Keywords- interaction, interactive learning, the problem of communication, learning to communicate, interactive teaching technologies