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Early trade and Exchange in Southeast Asia: evidence from the Bang Pakong Valley, Thailand

Archaeological perspectives of the transition from prehistory to history in Eastern Thailand was still previously relatively poorly understood. Archaeological sites in the east, known only Khok-Phanom-Di and Nong-Nor which were renowned prehistoric shell mound sites in Eastern Thailand and in the historical record were often mentioned as Sri Mahosot, as well as the ancient city of the Dvaravati. Documented transition from Late Prehistory to Early History was missing due to a lack of research. The prehistoric communities were not only located on coastal areas but were also located in caves, under scarp sheds, and on hills surrounded by mangrove forests. The transition from Late Prehistory to Early History in Eastern Thailand can be proved by a relationship between people and things to sustain life, leaving artifacts. Therefore, this paper presents Prehistoric trade and exchange system which adapted to the habitat change and allowed access to raw materials. Index Terms - Archaeological, Prehistory, Bang Pakong Valley, early trade.