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Wildlife Trafficking in Bangladesh: Law Enforcement Challenges and Responses

Wildlife trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry that affects many countries in the world and Bangladesh is one of them. The country is a popular source and transit point to the trafficker. Though the government of Bangladesh has passed strict rules to discourage wildlife trafficking, the incidents of wild life trafficking is increasing constantly. Corruption, poverty, unemployment problem and geo-strategic location are the key factors which promote wild life trafficking in the country. This crime touches not only the wild flora and fauna but extends its effects to the environments, citizens, and the general state of life. However, this paper aims to explore the nature and concern of the wildlife trafficking in Bangladesh by focusing on its major drivers, responses, and challenges encountered in trying to end it. Further, the study makes recommendations that Bangladesh can implement to reduce the incidents of this problem. Kew words- Wildlife trafficking, Corruption, Illicit Trade, Bangladesh, Flora, Fauna and Animals.