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Causes Of Declining Societal Values In Vocational Technical Education In Kano State Of Nigeria

In Nigeria pre-independence era, when few people had access to formal education and it was known that educated persons would display civilized behaviour, decency, good manners and ethical conduct, on the other hand, uneducated persons would display uncivilized behaviour and mostly crimes were noticed in them. However, with a huge expansion of the education system, literature overviewed indicated a marked decline in the character, moral values and professional development of Nigerians. The purpose of this paper is to identify the major causes of declining societal values in vocational technical education in technical colleges in Kano State of Nigeria. A descriptive survey was adopted as the design of the study, a structured questionnaire was employed for data collection and mean statistics was used for data analysis. Purposive sampling technique was used where 3 Principals and 27 trade teachers in Technical Colleges of Kano State scored identified grey areas on the questionnaire. The findings of the study revealed that causes of societal deterioration in vocational technical education included; corruption in coordination of vocational technical education programme, inadequacy of professional teachers, insufficient modern training materials and undue political interference among others. Today, most of the negative/declined values were being exhibited by students coming out of schools and colleges and well-educated people. In most of the educational institutions, there is lack of emphasis on the concept of human development and nation building process and skills acquired in colleges quickly become obsolete to the detriment of the macro society. The study recommended ways for arresting this situation such as capability of the programme to satisfy the aspirations of its learners for gainful living in society, increase in human values, research, philosophical thinking, moral and professional development in our vocational technical education system.