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Demarketing The 360 Degree Marketing Strategy To Sustain The Consumers: A Study

Consumer behavior is a dynamic and psychological process, even some time consumer does not know what he has already purchased. The decisions are simply automated by the influence of marketers. The Demarketing is a 360* Process including Demand,Supply,Profit,Satisfaction and development & Again the concept is to maximize the profit against the mass demand by discourages the consumer, where ever sometime this Demarketing process will hamper the organization and vanish the positioning from the consumer mind. As it's a parallel Process of marketing with suppliers and consumer both, the Demarketing decision will be definitely vital for the organization. Keeping that in the present paper attempts to highlight the importance of demarketing in present scenario with reference to YAMAHA RX-100 TO YAMAHA FZ and findings are drawn based on study. Key words - Demarketing, Demand, Supply, Consumer