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On Modern Design Education from Mozi's Thought

Throughout the history of Taiwan's design education, from the beginning of design thinking, Taiwan's design education was deeply influenced by European and American design education thoughts. In the development of creative design, the development of cultural and creative design has been in a difficult position because of the lack of traditional cultural literacy. This study hopes to interpret higher vocational design education in Taiwan from Eastern philosophy and design. As early as more than 2,400 years ago, Mozi's thoughts and theories contained rich design concepts and scientific theories, which are consistent with today's design issues and future trends. This research focuses on qualitative research, using "historical research methods" to understand the historical trajectory, current status and future development of design education history, and using "literature analysis" to collate and analyze existing literature. The research results will be combined with relevant educational resources, included in the basic teaching curriculum, and put forward specific design education recommendations to explore the feasibility of the future development direction of Taiwan vocational school design education. Index Terms - Mozi, Design Education, Future Education, Modern design.