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Study on Student Adaptation

During modern days, methods and means to get knowledge, expertise and experience have been changing drastically worldwide. It is clear that currently collaboration and coordination, adaptability and correspondence lack in a hierarchal way – among students from primary school to middle school, among students from middle school to high school, among students from high school to universities and among personnel newly coming from student life to job place and society. And it is due to change in training as well as learning methodology. As we know it, new students coming from general education schools have high expectation when entering universities. However, shortly after, their enthusiasm weakens and they lose their self-confidence. Simultaneously, they have no belief in teachers and other students and they lose their interest in learning. All the mentioned is the negative influence arisen. Nowadays, it is possible to know the level of students’ self-confidence and their satisfaction concerning universities they entered taking into consideration students’ adaptation. Keywords - Adaptation, individual competence, academic level, social and university adaptation, psychology, need and activity approach