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Factors Affecting Completion of Routine Childhood Immunization in Riyadh City

Immunization of children has a significant effect in preventing two to three million child deaths each year Vaccines are nowadays confirmed as a protection instruments, specifically against vaccines- preventable diseases. World health organization (WHO) defines vaccines as “a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease”. Vaccinations conserve lives, prevent disability, and eradicate many diseases Children Vaccination is the responsibility of everyone such government, health care providers, parents, families, and communities all can contribute in conserve lives through immunization To decrease the number of communicable-vaccinated diseases among children.The professional nurse should investigate the reasons for uncompleted vaccinations . So, the aim study is to investigate Factors affecting completion of routine childhood immunization in Riyadh city. A convenience sample of 400 parents .Allparticipants were Saudi Parents having at least one child aged 0-9 years at the time of study.descriptive design usedto describe the factors affecting completion of routine childhood immunization in Riyadh City the Datacollected from Primary health clinic in Khashim Alan,and King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital 710, 711 clinicsusing a modified version of The Parent Attitudes about Childhood Vaccines survey PACV. The suvery consists of 3 partsPart I: consists of 17 items about the parents and children demographic data such as age, relation to child,Part II : consists of 5 items about environment and health services factors affecting completion of childhood.Part III : consists of 8 items about parental factors affecting completion of childhood vaccinations:Face validity test will be conduct by giving the modified tool to three faculty to revise.The reliabilityof the tool was 0.7 using Cronbach’s alpha Keywords - ChildhoodImmunization, Environment