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Determination Of Soil Pollution Using Sediment Geo-Chemical Indices

In the present study soil samples collected from Ahvaz 2 Industrial Estate in Khuzestan Province, South Western of Iran. The soil samples were taken from 9 stations at 2013. Samples subjected to bulk digestion and chemical partitioning. The concentrations of V, Cu, Cd, and Fe in soil were determined by Inductivity Coupled Plasma. The study deployed contaminant factor (CF) and geo-accumulation index to examine the soil pollution in the industrial estate soils samples. The pattern of pollution intensity according to geo-accumulation index is as follows: Igeo results indicated that the soil is very strongly polluted for Cd. Contaminant factor showed that the soil is considerable to very high contamination factor for Cd. On this basis, the proportions of natural and anthropogenic elements were calculated. The anthropogenic portion of elements are as follows: Fe (88%)> Cu (83%)> Cd (73%)> V (61%). Also the percent of anthropogenic pollution was more than percent of natural portion. Index Terms- Soil Contamination, Geo-Accumulation Index, Heavy Metal, Anthropogenic Pollution, Ahvaz 2 Industrial Estate.