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Teacher Conceptualization, Pedagogical Strategies, And Challenges Of Practicing 3-Tier Intervention Model: The Case Of Hong Kong

This paper concentrates on the teacher data of the qualitative component of a larger study on school leadership, middle leadership, and teachers with regard to conceptualization, leadership strategies, pedagogical strategies, and challenges for all stakeholders to implement the 3-tier intervention model for inclusive education in Hong Kong. Teacher interviews were conducted for this component to gain insight into their understanding of the 3-tier intervention model, factors they considered significant for implementation success, pedagogical strategies adopted, measurement of learning outcomes, and difficulties encountered at the classroom level. Findings revealed that most teachers considered the 3-tier model a system of instructional and assessment for better support and co-planning, co-teaching, learning activities permitting different ability levels involving peer support, adapted homework, frequent communication with parents, and adapted examinations were among the key strategies. The key challenge was negative parental attitudes and relationship with school. Index Terms - Contextualization, Hong Kong, principals, response-to-intervention model.