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Consumer Perception Of Herbal Health And Medicine Products Among Women In Klang Valley

The popularity and prevalence of herbal health and medicine products in Klang Valley, Malaysia has grown steadily. Customers are increasingly using them to prevent disease, complement conventional therapies, promote wellbeing and health. They believe that herbs are generally perceived as safe, harmless and free from side effect that attracts many women to consume such products. Therefore, the use of herbs healthcare and medicine products among women should be a subject of priority for herbs manufacturer. Thus, it is critical to understand the women’s perception towards herbal health and medicine products. The purpose of this study to identify the women’s demographic factor that influences the perception and acceptance towards herbal health and medicine products, the factors that contribute customer’s purchase intention, marketing concept and approaches for herbal health and medicine products with relevant attributes of such as attitude, branding, service quality and perceived safety which would contribute to overall satisfaction as moderator to identifies of the intention to purchase of herbal health and medicine products. Keywords - Herbal Health and Medicine Products, Attitude, Branding, Service Quality, Perceived Safety, Overall Satisfaction and intention to Purchase.