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Energy Trading from Virtual Power Point with Block chain Technology in Riau, Indonesia

As many as 150 villages in one of the regions in Indonesia, Riau (Sumatra Island) is still having a deficit of electricity. This is due to the unavailability power plant in these villages caused by the process of providing a complex and costly power Plant. Whereas in the Riau region itself has the potential to have power plant from renewable energy source such as palm oil plantations whose can at least establish a power. Researchers do not just rely on one energy source, but alternatives power plants owned by the government which have been developed in Sumatra Island, will also be used as energy supplier. But, concerning the location of each power plant that is not close to the houses that need it, so the available power plants will be integrated into virtual power plant (VPP). This VPP will integrate one participating unit with the other through a remote-control unit and power trading will happen. It will be distributed to places in need through central IT Control system which will be managed by the government (PT PLN). For making more efficient distribution, researches apply a decentralized distribution system with block chain that make third party involvement is eliminated. Block-chain in this power trading will be applied by integrating heat rate data from VPP that is in group of power trading, so it can be used to do power trade with other VPP directly. With this block-chain system in this power trading from the VPP, it will allow for better transparency and lower costs in power trading. This research is using descriptive method and can be used as an advice for PT PLN to develop the electricity system in Indonesia especially in Riau. Index Terms - Block chain, Energy Distribution, Power Trading, Virtual Power Plant.